Not All Women's Trousers Are Created Equally. Here Is Your Handy Guide For Finding Your Best Fit.

KollektivE cultivates quality in all types of women's clothing we offer. Here are some tips for purchasing the best in women's trousers.

  • Not all pants are created for all body types. The simple fact is once you find the trouser fit that flatters you you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. There are cuts for curves and cuts that pinch curves. Cuts that make slim women feel like a million bucks and cuts that would not work on their figures. Find the type that actually works, and remember it is about so much more than a number size.

  • Material matters. Some materials will make you feel like you are wearing nothing and show every dimple underneath the fabric. Try on different materials and fits until you find the one that flatters your body, and take notes.

  • Some brands seem to be made for different sizes. Most brands sell to all sizes and shapes of people but the truth is there are certain brands that seem to make their pants fit best for tall thin women and other brands seem to suit curvy women, some brands have waist trainers, and others assume their customers do not need them. Find out the brand that caters to your shape, as well as the cut within the brand. It should not be so complex but any woman who has found those perfect pants, knows it just is.

  • Do not be afraid to try something new. If you see an adorable pair of pants on a model, but the cut is a little different then try it, you never know if you will be purchasing your new favorite pair of pants for the season.